Turns Out Being An Adult Is HARD…

I’m having a quarter-life crisis. I’m a little over a year out of college and not so sure I’m sold on being an adult.

Why, you may ask?

For starters, there’s that working nine to five everyday thing. There are definitely too few days in the weekend and too many in the week, am I right? And I don’t know about you but my job isn’t nearly as glamorous as I pictured it would be when I watched 13 Going on 30.

Then there’s those pesky little things called bills. Responsibilities, ugh.

Finally, there’s that question I feel like I keep asking myself: What’s next? Up until now, my life was full of little goals that I could actively work to accomplish every day. Study for the next test, pass this class, do well in that competition, get an internship…sure, there were long term goals like graduate and get a job but those had a very specific timeline. Now, things are sort of at a standstill. That’s not to say I don’t have goals anymore, of course I do. I want career growth and I want to be a wife and mother someday but I don’t have a specific timeline for that. This year, I’ve learned what patience is. I’m learning more and more everyday to be at peace with God’s timing.

So, I’m really excited to start this blog! I love to write and I’ve wanted to do this for while. I’ve been researching, researching and researching more and decided it’s time to just jump in! I can’t wait to connect with those of you who are going through or have been through life’s many challenges. Let’s figure out this “adulting” thing together!

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  • Girl, I am at about 3 years out of college, and I still feel that way!

    • At least I’m not alone 🙂 There’s a reason everyone tells you not to grow up too fast!