Friday Five – The One Before Valentine’s Day

Happy Friday - Valentine's Day

One//Valentine’s Day

I’m so ready for the weekend! I’ve read a lot of posts this week about Valentine’s Day; why some people celebrate, why some don’t and how to celebrate. I’m definitely one who likes any reason to celebrate, especially celebrating love! So, I’m looking forward to this weekend. I plan on being very productive Saturday and enjoying some fun and quality time with my love on Sunday <3


I enjoyed our Ash Wednesday service this year so much! It was interactive and caused us to really reflect on things. At the end, we all chose two stones, a black and a white, one each out of a bag. The black stones represented something to give up for Lent and the white stones represented something to replace it with. I received “Fear of Failure” to give up. Oh, how God knows me. I hold back a lot because I’m worried I will fail or what others will think. I’m vowing to step outside of my comfort zone and pursue things without Fear of Failure. I’m replacing it with “Attention to Virtue”, focusing on all the wonderful things others are doing in my life. I loved that we did this.

Three//Favorite Recipes

I’m doing pretty well with my meal planning goal and this week I made two yummy recipes I found on Pinterest:

This Slow Cooker Chicken & Wild Rice Soup – I’m addicted to Panera’s version and this rivaled it! I planned it perfectly on our coldest day of the week. #winning

Apple Spice Pork Chops – I made these with baked sweet potatoes. Heavenly!

Four//Posts I loved this week

Celebrate Life by The Girl Who Loved to Write

Strawberry Brownie Skewers from Cupcakes and Cashmere (totally making these on Vday)

6 Reasons To Travel Europe by Train from Wonderforest

Five//New Movies

I don’t get to the movies very often but there’s a bunch of stuff I want to see right now. How To Be Single and Zoolander 2 look hilarious! I love all of the actresses in How To Be Single and I don’t think the new Zoolander can disappoint.ย  Plus The Choice is out, a Nicholas Sparks movie, bring on the tears! I want to watch them all!


Happy Friday!

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