Friday Favorites – Five Nail Polish Inspirations

Well this is a much later than usual post but it’s been a crazy fast, really busy week and I definitely need to pamper myself with a mani/pedi this weekend. It’s been way too long. I’ve been wanting to try some more fun manicures for myself at home (since I’ve recently given up my every other week nail salon trips to save money, you know being a responsible adult and all…) so of course I checked Pinterest and found some ideas I love!

Blush & Heart Nail Art
I love blush nails and this is a great way to mix it up!
Blush, Baby Blue, Silver & Marble Nail Art
Not sure if I could pull this off but it’s really cool!
Pink Ombre Nail Art
This would be really easy to do and I probably already have enough shades of pink to do it!
Dark Nude and White Tips - Twist on Classic French Manicure
I saw this on LC’s blog and I love the twist on the classic french tips by using a darker nude polish.
I'm a huge fan of the matte look, especially in purples!
I’m a huge fan of the matte look, especially in purples!

Happy Friday! What are your favorite nail polish trends?

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