Weekending: Quiet and Productive

Stay Humble, Hustle Hard - A Productive weekend

Happy Monday! Another weekend flew by… *sigh* But I got exactly what I wanted this weekend: some time to relax, some binge watching and a lot done around the house!

Friday night was the highlight of the weekend. After work, I met Jeff at his grandparents house to celebrate his grandmothers birthday. It’s was great to catch up with all of his family.

The cutest grandparents in the world - relationship goals
Aren’t they the cutest? #relationshipgoals

Saturday morning I was really lazy. I woke up late and stayed in bed catching up on TV shows for a while. I went on a Whole30 approved grocery shopping trip, made a big salad for lunch and then went on a walk with a friend. Saturday night my diet went out the window when I did not want one thing that I bought from the grocery store and that friend convinced me to go to my favorite BBQ place for dinner: Cecil’s. (More on my Whole30 EPIC Fail later.)

Sunday was devoted to Spring Cleaning Part 1. We cleaned out and washed both of our cars, then I went through a bunch of paperwork and boxes cluttering the house. It felt so good to clear stuff out! Sunday night, I made this Paleo Beef Stew recipe (I added carrots and red potatoes). It was so good! I also gave myself a much needed mani/pedi while catching up on some more TV.

**Spoiler Alert** My thoughts on all the shows I caught up on this weekend:

Grey’s Anatomy – This season has really peaked my interest again. And makes me cry/miss Derek every episode. I don’t want Meredith and Alex to get together if that’s where they are going with all this…and April has completely lost it I think.


Scandal –  I’m disappointed in Jake, Fitz and Olivia. That love triangle is a huge mess. Mellie for president! Even though she’s a bit crazy, I love her.


The Bachelor – Can we please never have fantasy suites again? My least favorite episode. I’m glad Caila is gone, I think she has a touch of crazy in her. I think that Lauren gets the final rose, but I really like Jojo better. I cannot wait for the Woman Tell All tonight!!


The People v. O.J. Simpson – I’m fascinated by this, and can’t believe all of this really happened. I was too young to remember what was going on at the time so it’s crazy to see the story unfold.

Please don’t judge all my TV watching, I promise I was being productive while watching! 🙂

How was your weekend?

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