Weekending: Shopping & Soccer Games

Too Much Monday, Not Enough Coffee

Happy Monday! Today, is definitely going to be a caffeine-fueled day, I’m running on empty over here. The weekend was packed with lots of my favorite things: eating, shopping and and an Orlando City game! I’m linking up with Biana for some Weekending highlights:

Friday I worked from home due to some doctor’s appointments, oh how I love work-from-home days! Jeff and I hit up Food Truck Friday downtown for lunch. We had Barnyard BBQ and it was sooo good. Jeff had the “Bad Dog” sandwich and I had the pulled pork stuffed potato. Amazing!

Food Truck Friday - Barnyard BBQ

Friday night, I headed to TGIF for a good ole’ girls night with a couple of friends. We talked, gossiped and shopped. We hit up Bed, Bath and Beyond, Old Navy and Target.

Viva La Brunch Tank Top from Old Navy
Picked up this shirt at Old Navy – sums up the weekend perfectly!

Saturday, Jeff took me to his favorite donut shop. It’s a family owned, little place with homemade donuts that are the best!

Saturday - The Donut Shop

I spent the rest of the day shopping with my mom and sisters for an engagement party dress! We were very successful and I ended up with two dresses 🙂 We also went to IKEA and finished the day off with dinner at one of my favorite pizza places: Brick and Fire.

Sunday morning, we went to brunch at Artisan’s Table. It was delicious! I think it may be my new favorite brunch spot. And if I wasn’t already in love, I found out they have latte art!

Artisan's Table Breakfast Latte
Breakfast Latte – made with orange peel and maple syrup, heavenly!
French Toast Muffin with Maple Bacon Butter
French Toast Muffin with Maple Bacon Butter!

After brunch, we bar hopped downtown a bit and then headed to the Orlando City game with some friends. This was my first game of the season so I was really excited!

Orlando City Soccer Home Game

Sadly, we tied. I happen to hate the fact that you can leave with a tie in soccer, and it was over a pretty ridiculous call. We should have won!

Orlando City Soccer Game - When you tie.
How we felt about that call.

That about sums it up! How was your weekend?



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  • Biana Perez

    Oh my gosh how good does that donut look! Oh gosh I can’t sit through a soccer game, but a tie would be frustrating! xo, biana

  • i hate that you can tie in soccer as well, it confuses me lol. love the top from old navy, and now i want a donut. yum.

    • Yeah, who wants a tie? It’s like a participation award! Lol I pretty much want donuts all the time. It’s a problem.