Adventuring Through Boston

I had an opportunity to explore a new city in September and it did not disappoint! Jeff and I had never been to Boston so when his sister moved up there this summer we took the first chance we could to go up and visit!

What I loved about Boston:
The History. It’s just a really cool feeling to walk on streets that American legends walked on too.
The Weather. Fall is a great time to visit the northeast. A cool breeze and sunshine…it was a wonderful break from the Florida heat!
The Food! Travelling and eating out on a gluten-free diet isn’t always the easiest but the food was delicious every place we went and it was overall a VERY gluten-free friendly city. My favorite thing I ate had to be macaroons from Mike’s Pastry. You can’t go to Boston without trying this staple! According to Jeff, the cannolis didn’t disappoint either!

mikes-pastry-2 mikes-pastry-1

The Freedom Trail
I think this is a must for a first time visit to Boston. We did the self guided walking tour that takes you all around the city stopping at the historic sites. It took the better part of a day but I enjoyed doing it on our own because we got to stop for shopping or a drink whenever we wanted.

freedom-trail-1 freedom-trail-2

freedom-trail-4 freedom-trail-6 freedom-trail-3 freedom-trail-7

Fenway Park Tour 

This was one of my favorite parts of the trip. No matter where your team alliance is, any baseball fan can appreciate touring this historic field. So many great stories.

fenway-park-2 fenway-park-5

fenway-park-1 fenway-park-6

fenway-park-3 fenway-park-4

Harpoon Brewery 

We knew that Boston had a thriving craft beer scene and Jeff certainly enjoyed trying all kinds of different local beers. I actually got try a bunch of ciders from a local cider company, Downeast, that I really liked. I wish we had them in Florida! We knew we wanted to tour at least one brewery and settled on Harpoon just because their hours worked best for us. It was definitely a fun experience and the Harpoon culture is really cool!

harpoon-brewey-1 harpoon-brewery-4 harpoon-brewery-3 harpoon-brewery-2


So we actually ventured a bit outside of the city and visited Salem, which was my other favorite part of the trip. I have always been fascinated by the Salem Witch Trials and we did a walking tour of the town which was really interesting. And I got to see where a part of Hocus Pocus was filmed! Life goals.


It was a great adventure and I am still amazed how much we were able to pack into the long weekend! I’m sure we could easily fill up another trip with things to do. Such a great place to visit!




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  • Biana Perez

    SO glad you had a great time exploring!! All reasons why I love living here! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  • Great post! My company is based in Boston & flies us all in each year for a holiday party. Last year was my first time at Harpoon & I loved it!