Favorites: March 2017

5 of my favorite things from this week…

This Song/Video

Love it! Along with the news that Florida Georgia Line is touring with Backstreet Boys and Nelly, what!?

Ibotta App

So, I’ve had this app on my phone forever but had only done one or two rebates until recently. I’ve started trying harder with coupons and saving money here and there and have gotten so many rebates in the past few weeks by checking the app before I go to the grocery store, it really is awesome!

Corrine on The Women Tell All


Although she is completely neurotic, she is the most entertaining thing to happen on The Bachelor. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of her. And hey, I’m all for fighting against nap shaming! I love naps!

Game of Thrones

Okay, I know I am wayyyy behind here, I never thought I could really get into GoT but I recently got access to HBO through Amazon Prime (thanks Mom!), I watched the first few episodes with the hubby and I’m hooked! Hopefully we can catch up in time for the Season 7 premiere! I’m also really excited to have HBO so I can watch Big Little Lies!

The best hair product ever! I’m obsessed with this Redken Diamond Oil. I have the most dry, frizzy hair and this stuff helps sooo much. I’ve tried tons of serums and leave-in-conditioners and this is the best by far.

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  • shootingstarsmag

    Ooh I’m curious about the hair oil. I have really crazy, frizzy hair too!


    • Its definitely the best hair product I’ve ever had! I’ve never been able to wear my hair down after air drying before but with this I can get away with it 🙂

  • I never thought I would get into GoT either, but then I watched seasons 1-5 all in one summer, haha. It’s SO GOOD. And it helps that there’s only 10 episodes in a season!

  • Corrine! She is reality TV gold. At first I loved watching just to see what she would say or do next. Then I found myself feeling sympathy for her as the season went on. I agree, we will see her again!

    • She is! I love her facial expressions and outbursts, I felt some sympathy for her at times but the she would usually follow it with a ridiculous comment. She’ll have me watching whatever she does next!

  • Couponing can be a major pain, but always ends up being worth it so I need to check out that app. That hair oil sounds amazing and like something else I need to check out. Hope you had a good weekend.

    • Thanks Carly! Couponing can be so time consuming sometimes, I’m really trying to get used to looking at my apps ahead of time!