Sick Day Survival Guide

With the ups and downs of the weather this season I feel like I’m battling a cold every other week. Rarely do I completely stop and take a sick day but sometimes it’s inevitable. Whether I’m out of commission for a while or just trying to make it through my normal routine while feeling unwell, there’s always a few things that I must do to get back to 100%.

Hot Tea with lemon and honey. My favorite tea when I’m not feeling great is red rooibos. It’s caffeine free so I can have it any time of day. It has a very medicinal quality but I actually really enjoy the flavor.

Lots and lots of water. Whenever I feel a cold coming on I drink soooo much water. I really think you can combat almost anything by flushing it out of your system. For an added cleansing effect I add a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to my water cup.

Sweats, a comfy blanket and puppy snuggles. I usually push through and go to work when I’m sick but if I really need a sick day that means I’m spending the entire day cuddled up in bed. And if I do make it to work I’ll make sure to get home and go to bed right away.

A Netflix binge! The best part of a sick day. My favorite is Gilmore Girls, it always makes me feel better. And right now I’m obsessed with The Good Wife and binging all those episodes on Amazon Prime.

A good book. Catching up on a reading is another great distraction and relaxing thing to do when I’m not feeling so hot. If you’re like me, you have a stack growing on the nightstand!

What are your sick day must haves?


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