Are you single and do you think it’s time to find the love of your life or Athens Escorts? Or are you single and completely happy, but still wondering why relationships avoid you? There are specific reasons you feel the way you do, some of them are quite obvious, while others are special and a little harder to spot.

Whether you are satisfied with your personal situation as you are or you feel the need for a change, today we will see 10 reasons why you are still single.

You just like it that way

Sometimes it has nothing to do with what has not happened or if you are afraid to go out on a date. Some just prefer to stay solo. And they do well… It’s a different way of life, and you may just be one of those girls who prefers to spend time at work, friends, hobbies and travel rather than building relationships.

You have not yet surpassed an ex

This is quite easy, but only if you can be completely honest with yourself. If you still have feelings for your ex, then it is very likely that this will keep you behind anything fresh and true. Things like this make you feel unhappy and do not let you really enjoy the new acquaintances that come into your life and that can be turned into relationships. You need to sort things out with your previous relationships before moving on.

You are looking for the ONE

Absolutely understandable, but at the same time extremely dangerous to get involved in a futile road race. Beware of very high standards. After all, the more people we meet, the more experienced we become and the more we understand about ourselves, our needs and the needs of other people. You may meet someone who at first glance does not seem like the prince of the fairy tale, but in the end turns out to be a great companion.

You are afraid of being hurt

And not just you. And who is not afraid of being hurt? Overcoming this fear and leaving yourself to someone else is what makes love and relationships so beautiful. You can not really and honestly connect with someone if you hold your walls high. Let go of the world and the people around you, be honest about how you feel and what you want, and you will see how much happier you will be, whether you are single or not.

You hate the first dates

Going out with someone for the first time can be terribly awkward and can end in many equally awkward ways. Yes! quite often everything goes wrong. But sometimes they do not go. Sometimes magic happens and two people really fall in love with each other. Maybe you just need a different approach. For example, try to get in touch with someone for a while before you go on your first date. It will definitely be less inconvenient and who knows, it could be fun too!

You maintain the philosophy that all good people are caught

I will be graphic but I will say it in a thousand words… The one that someone rejects for you can be a real treasure. Do not abandon the entire male population. Your future partner is definitely out there (graphic for the second time), you just have to be open to the possibilities. Once you recognize that some men really deserve your attention, communicating with them will become much more enjoyable.

You make wrong choices

Sometimes we are so desperate to get into a relationship that we end up choosing men who are completely unsuitable for it. Whether due to our loneliness or the subconscious fear of entering into serious relationships, we often neglect common sense as well as the voice of intuition. My advice: if you are single and desperately want a partner, then you should do just the opposite.

You just do not go out

It’s time to dump her and move on to Netflix. As exciting as it is to spend a relaxing weekend at home watching series, real people are just as exciting. Find time to go out, meet new people and finally go out with someone other than friends.

You do not take care of yourself

And no I’m not referring to appearance. I’m talking about your real self and not its image. I am talking about your soul, your health and your spiritual world. Take care of him, love him and support him. If you feel good, healthy and strong then everything else will have a different look.

You use work as an excuse

There is nothing wrong with being a career woman, especially when you are good at it, but many times people use work as an excuse to avoid dating and love. Definitely an easy getaway after a bad breakup or a first date that went wrong. You just sink into work and forget about everything else.

In the end, you may become the most successful woman in the world, but loneliness will still be there. Remember that love also counts!



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