We collected the most common mistakes in γυναικεία ρούχα, makeup, hair, shopping that women make.

Mistake # 1 Wear leggings made of thin fabric

Very elastic and thin fabrics are not suitable for women overweight. Ideally they should choose stable fabrics with a percentage of elastin in the weave and not just maco with Lycra.

Mistake # 2 When wearing a mini they combine it with a top with a deep neckline or strapless

A golden rule of good taste says that you reveal only one part of the body in each look. Either legs or neckline or back, never all together.

Mistake # 3. They intensely paint the eyes and apply dark lipstick

It is good when you apply intense lipstick to leave the eyes only with the necessary (eyeliner or pencil-mascara-nude shadow) and vice versa, to combine dark eyes with natural lipstick.

Mistake # 4. They crepe-inflate their hair a lot

Because most women like hair volume, it is a good idea to brush enough after creping until the hair looks rich naturally and not creped.

Mistake # 5. They go to religious ceremonies (weddings, baptisms) in very sexy clothes

It is not a matter of conservatism but of respect for an institution. In a religious place you have to respect the dress code and appear in the appropriate attire.

Mistake # 6. They do not pay attention to their shoes (peeled heels, frayed laces, etc.)

You should check every time you wear your shoes if the heels are worn, if they are dusty or stained and if the laces are frayed and take care of them accordingly.

Mistake # 7. They do not wear colors in winter

Black is really great in winter, but if you try a light tone on a thick sweater or coat, you will understand that the gray of winter stands out from the color.

Mistake # 8. They wear fake hair (tresses, extensions, etc.)

All these extra hairs destroy the natural ones and do not convince anyone that they are yours. Finally, they do not comb well and always look like an exaggeration for no reason.

Mistake # 9. They do not pay attention to their haircut and exaggerate in the hairstyle

It’s simple, it looks like it was made by a hairdresser and it does not move, it is not nice. A proper haircut based on the style of each woman is the most important.

Mistake # 10. They are not dressed according to the occasion

They dress casually at formal events, sports in the office, and do not think about the appropriate attire for business appointments. Respect the occasion and dress accordingly.

Mistake # 11. They give a lot of money to the clothes of a special appearance

For example, at parties, events, weddings, but less on shoes and bags. Your cousin’s wedding dress should never be more expensive than your everyday jacket. So simple.

Mistake # 12. They buy cheap cosmetics

Thus they endanger the health of their skin (make-up, creams, concealer). The rule is this: everything that is applied directly to the skin and not over the make-up is worth the above money.

False # 13. They do not have all the “key” clothes in their wardrobe

What are these; Black little dress, black jacket, black fabric pants, white shirt, classic heels, plain black coat. First you get these and then everything else.

Mistake # 14. They give a lot of money for evening clothes

And they are “stingy” about the everyday they wear the most. And here is a rule, the money you give to a garment should be depending on how much they will be worn and not where.

Mistake # 15. They wear very tight clothes or a smaller number than what suits them

The tighter a garment is, the more it shows imperfections. Clothes flatter you only when they are exactly your number.

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