What’s New {August 2017}

One of the great things about linking up with Kristen and Gretchen for What’s New is that it’s a perfect time for me to jump in when I’ve been MIA for a while. The last month has been a blur and I can’t believe Summer is quickly coming to a close. Luckily, we will still have 3 more months of summer weather here in the sunshine state 🙂

July Happenings:

I got some great news at work for a promotion! It’s something I’ve been working towards for the last year and I’m really excited for the new opportunity. The last few weeks have taken up most of my energy with interviews and the stressful waiting game but I finally got the good news and now I’m just in a transition period. I can’t wait to get started and learn a bunch of new stuff!

Finally shared the details of our wedding. A post I’ve wanted to get up forever. I also officially got my name changed (yes I’ve been putting that off – who wants to go to the DMV?), so much work for us wives!

A couple weekends ago, I did a fun brunch with friends in Winter Park and went to my new favorite place to hang out: The Wine Room.

Other than that, most of my free time has been spent on impromptu wine nights with friends at home or relaxing with a movie and/or binge sesh.

Movies Lately:

– Saw Spider-Man in theatres and really liked it. I think Tom Holland makes a perfect Spidey. And of course IronMan is hilarious as ever.

– Also watched the Lifetime movie Beaches which has been on my DVR forever, really cute!

TV Lately:

– Finally finished all the episodes of Veronica Mars and like many fans I was super let down by the ending.

– Been trying to get through all the episodes of The League with the hubby before it’s removed from Netflix later this month.

– Watched the first season of Friends from College on Netflix too – every character in that show is an awful person but it’s hilarious.

– Completely addicted to my favorite summer show Big Brother! I absolutely hate Paul this season and how he is completely running the house, ugh!

And as always, snapping pictures of my TV watching buddies:

What’s New with you?


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  • Congratulations on the work promo!

    Dog photos always make me smile.

  • Your dogs are so cute!

  • Congrats on the promotion! That’s always such a great feeling. I love that photo of your dogs!

  • Congrats on the job situation! I have heard mixed things about Friends from College which is a huge bummer. I’m so glad Veronica Mars is back online because I barely started season two when it left Amazon… though I have heard S3 is awful.

    • Yeah Friends from College is worth the watch I think. It’s not my favorite show ever but I got a few good laughs out it. Veronica Mars is one of my favorite shows ever but S3 was a bit of a let down. I hear the movie is awesome though, I’m watching that next!

  • Nadine

    My husband was obsessed with The League and we watch reruns of it all the time. Congrats on the job!!! That is awesome!

    • It’s pretty funny, getting us excited about fantasy season! I also like that the episodes are super short so it’s not much of a time commitment. Thank you!

  • i still have things i need to change my name on – my bank account lol. and we got married 4 years ago! congrats on the promotion!