Show Us Your Books {August 2017}

I always think I’m going to have way more time to read in the summer but it didn’t really happen so I only have a few books to share from the last couple of months. All I would recommend and all very different!

Into the Water by Paula Hawkins – 4 stars

I went into reading this a little unsure because I heard such mixed reviews. Girl on the Train was such a hit that this book had a lot to live up to but it was completely different and definitely deserves to be evaluated as such. I really enjoyed it. Yes, there were way too many characters and points of view to read from, I could have done without a few and just read their stories secondhand. There also was no real protagonist I could get behind, no champion. Regardless, it was a really quick read and served it’s purpose of me not wanting to put it down. I also kind of like the supernatural aspect to the novel that I haven’t seen in a psychological thriller. Overall, I would recommend it to any thriller lovers.

The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand – 4 stars

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Hilderbrand writes the best beach reads! This was the second novel I’ve read of hers and I love how her books are all connected by being set in Nantucket with the same residents. But each story is completely different and you can jump right into any one. The Castaways follow 4 couples who have been best friends for years, one couple dies tragically in a sailing accident and the remaining friends lives and secrets begin to unravel afterwards. I had a soft spot for all of the characters, they were all endearing in different ways and that’s unusual I think. It had a very nostalgic theme that I loved.

America’s First Daughter by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie – 5 stars

This has sold me on historical fiction – I did not think I would like it as much as I did. Although, it’s clearly romanticized and the authors took a lot of liberties, the life of Patsy Jefferson was fascinating. I listened to it on Audible and I think the colonial accent of the narrator made the storytelling even better. It’s very long but worth getting through the slower parts. I learned so much just because it inspired me to do some google searches about that revolutionary period and the Jefferson family as I was listening. Some parts of the book were quite tragic and the gender inequality at times infuriating but I think that was true to the time and made for a great story. I think anyone could appreciate this.

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  • Biana Perez

    I love Elin book’s and have that one on my list! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  • I’m interested in America’s First Daughter – not what I’d typically pick up, but sometimes that’s a good thing!

    • It was my typical choice either but definitely worth the chance. It was really good to listen to, I hope just as good to read!

  • America’s First Daughter sounds interesting but I generally do not like historical fiction and I feel like I’d go into the book with an attitude

    • I didn’t think I liked historical fiction but I’ve given it a shot twice now and been pleasantly surprised. This one is like 80% romance novel, 20% historical fiction I think 🙂

  • I’ve been torn on reading Into the Water. I’ll probably read it eventually but I’m not longer in the gotta have it now mode.

    • I’m glad I finally read it. I have a stack on my desk that included that, The Woman in Cabin 10 and The Couple Next Door. All books that I’m way behind the masses on!

  • I’m a huge fan of historical fiction, and America’s First Daughter sounds so good! And I think that it’s because I listened to it, but Into The Water just didn’t do it for me. But I think that’s the best thing about books, everybody can have their different opinions!

    • It’s so true, listening to a book can completely change your experience! I listened to America’s First Daughter and I’m not so sure if I would have loved reading it…

  • i haven’t read any of Elin Hilderbrand books but they always show up during the link up so clearly I need to get on it!

  • I’ve heard numerous good things about America’s First Daughter!! Adding that to my list.

  • I honestly had a note card with all the names in Castaways & arrows connecting each of them to one another. It was like a murder case board 😉 haha

  • I just picked up an Elin Hilderbrand to read at the pool this weekend! It’s not that one you mention, but I will have to look for that one next. I love all of her books, so perfect for mindless summer reading!

  • This historical fiction sounds great. I’m adding it to my TBR and then all of these will be on my list! Here from SUYB. 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  • Pam O’Brien

    I have not read any Elin Hilderbrand!!! Where should I start?? Pam 🙂

    • I think The Castaways is a great place to start! I’ve read that one and The Rumor. Although The Rumor was good I liked the characters much better in this one 🙂

  • Nadine

    I took out a Hilderbrand book last month, but it sounded too similar to The Weekenders that I had just finished so I returned it and got something else. I want to go back and read some of her books though! America’s First Daughter sounds interesting. Will add it to my list for when I am in the mood for something of that genre!

    • All the Hilderbrand books are pretty similar since they are all set in the same place but so far they have been different enough to keep me interested! The Weekenders and The Identicals are on my list next!