5 things i want to accomplish in april

5 Things I Want to Accomplish in April

I know it s already halfway through the month but I was in LaLa land for the beginning of the month so I m just getting around to sharing my goals for April. First, here s how I did in March:

March Goals

  1. Complete the Whole30 program. Never gonna happen. Here s why the Whole30 program is not for me.
  2. Clean out closet. Check! This was a big help in getting my life more organized!
  3. Finish a book. Check! I finished a book I had checked out of library forever and listened to a bunch on Audible. Here s some recent book reviews.
  4. Finish the Harry Potter movies. Done! I get to cross it off my 101 in 1001 now. And I finally know how the saga ends.
  5. Get my massage. I planned on doing this one free weekend and they were all booked up so I learned I have to make an appointment way ahead of time. I have a stressful month so I m going to do this in May when I can enjoy being relaxed.

Can t seem to get past 3/5!

Now on to this month:

April Goals

  1. Have a successful golf tournament. Our charity golf tournament at the end of this month is my company s largest fundraiser for charity and my team is responsible for planning it and running it. This is the most stressful time of year for us so if I make it to April 30th without completely loosing it, it s a huge win. I have no choice really…
  2. Meet my $1000 goal for the Walk For Life. This is an event I m volunteering at on April 30th for True Life Choice, an organization I passionately support. If you would like to learn more or donate to my cause please visit my fundraising page.
  3. Send clothes to ThredUp and post some on Poshmark. Now that I ve cleaned out my closet I have clothes separated into a pile each for ThredUp, Poshmark and Goodwill so I need to finish the process.
  4. Plan a trip for our anniversary. We really need to nail down plans for our 5-year anniversary in May and I need a vacation!
  5. Read 2 books. I still have a few books on my nightstand and a bunch on Kindle to get to.

I better get busy since we are already halfway through the month! Happy Weekending!

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