Bags for Petite or Regular Sizes

Did you know that petites don’t always have to shop bags (γυναικείες τσάντες) in the petite section? There are many outfits and bags that look good on average sized women as well as petite women. You don’t always have to struggle against petite vs regular sizes. Things that don’t need to be bought in the petite section of a store are certain tops, short skirts, dresses that aren’t too long, scarfs, shoes, bags and swimsuits, among other things.

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Anyway, back to what the article is about, bags for petite or regular sizes

Let me show you some examples for petite or regular sizes that you could get without having to buy from the petite section. Of course, you could also get clothes not meant for petites in regular stores in the regular sized clothing area.

Short Skirts

Any girl or woman could wear any short skirt, whether you’re short, average, or tall. They’ll look great on any woman’s height because they’re not too long. Most short skirts are made to be below any woman’s butt, so it’s not a problem. It just depends on your own personal preference of the shortness. Try to find a bag that suits your outfit.


Any woman could wear any top because it doesn’t have anything to do with your height. It just depends on the width of your body—extra small or extra large, or above. You have to pay attention to how long the top is, too long and it could look like it’s swallowing you up. Fitted tops are the best.

Short Dresses

As long as the dress length from the waist to the hem is as long as to your knee, or wherever you want the hem to end at, then you won’t have to get that dress in the petite section. The dress will be just fine for a petite girl or woman to wear. All you’ll have to think about is the width of the dress—extra small or extra large, or above.


Scarfs only come in one size so you don’t have to worry about if they’ll look good on a petite or not. They’re made to fit anyone’s size and style.

Some are longer than others, however. So you’ll have to think about the length of the scarf and what you prefer.

Shoes and Bags

Any shoes, like heels or flats, could be great on a petite as long as they have your size. The best colour heel for a petite is beige, or as close to your skin colour as possible. The fact that it’s the colour of your skin will make you look taller and make you legs go on for days. Match a bag at the same colour and you ‘re done!


Swimwear has nothing to do with height because they usually stop at the bend where your legs join your body or to the thigh. Any petite could get any swimsuit or bikini. It all depends on your personal preference. You don’t have to shop in the petite section of the store for swimwear.

Things like jeans, pants, long skirts, dresses and bags (γυναικείες τσάντες), of course, need to be sized specifically for petites or tailoring will need to be done.

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