being grateful

Being Grateful

Today, as I stopped to think about my appreciation for our service members, I starting thinking about all the wonderful things I have to be grateful for.

I’m grateful to be an American. I feel so lucky to be born in this country. There is so much turmoil and tension between every group imaginable right now and sometimes its overwhelming and scary. But when I really think about it, when I follow updates on the EU refugee crisis, when I read about the people living in unbelievable poverty in developing countries, when I watch documentaries showing children in some countries traveling 4 hours to go to school every day happy for the opportunity to learn, I think Wow, I am so blessed. And not in the #blessed social media way, in the way where it is truly a gift from God that not only are all of my basic human needs met but I get even more than that. Every day I get to know love, hope, comfort, and pleasure.

I am so grateful to our veterans, to our current service members and to our future service members. I’m grateful to our police officers, firefighters, and first responders. I’m thankful to everyone who puts their life on the line every day for my safety and my freedom.

I’m grateful to have been called to be a Christian so I get to know the unconditional love of Jesus and I get to try to change other lives with that love. I am forgiven for all of my mistakes and I can find comfort in knowing that God has a plan and I don’t have to worry about it.

I’m grateful for all of my loved ones and the happy memories I have with them. I’m thankful to my family for loving me unconditionally and always supporting me. It’s so comforting that I always have somewhere to turn no matter what goes wrong in life. I’m thankful to have such a wonderful, loving boyfriend that I trust with my heart and two fur babies that are always excited to see me. I’m thankful for my friendships and the fun and encouragement they bring me.

I’m grateful for reading and writing. First, for the fact that there was never a question that I would have the opportunity to learn these things. Second, for the peace and joy I find in transporting into another world while reading a good book. And third, for this blog that my love of reading and writing has inspired. I adore this space where I keep all my memories and thoughts and I’m thankful for the connections I’ve made through it.

I’m grateful for my education and my career that bring me security and the funds to be able to create wonderful memories and a life that I’m proud of.

I’m grateful that my life is not perfect. I have worries, failures, sad memories and arguments. A lot of them sometimes. But if it weren’t for these struggles, the happy memories and blessings wouldn’t mean as much.

These are the things on my mind during this season of Thanksgiving. And these are the things that I vow to think about not only in this month, but every day, especially when I am facing struggles and disappointments. I have so much to be thankful for!

What are you grateful for this season?

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

  • Biana Perez

    Beautifully written! It’s always important to stop and give thanks to everything we’re grateful for! xo, Biana

    • https://www.mysortofadultlife.com Jackie @ My Sort Of Adult Life

      Thanks for reading! It is so important, life is so much more wonderful when we focus on the positive! <3

  • Ursula Ball

    I am grateful of my growing bond between me and my son despite the autism!!



    • https://www.mysortofadultlife.com Jackie @ My Sort Of Adult Life

      That’s so great Ursula! I pray that continues to grow for you <3

  • http://www.embergrey.com/ Emily @ Ember Grey.

    Love this. Freedom can mean and look like so many different things – you did such a beautiful job talking about so many different freedoms and reasons to be grateful. I hope you’re having a great week, thanks for linking up!

    • https://www.mysortofadultlife.com Jackie @ My Sort Of Adult Life

      Thanks so much Emily! There really are so many things to be grateful for that we may take for granted sometimes just because we are so used to them!

  • http://adrianarenee.com/ Adriana Renee

    I love these types of posts! I know for me I get so caught up in things that I forget to be thankful. I’m thankful that I have my family close and that I have another day of life!

    • https://www.mysortofadultlife.com Jackie @ My Sort Of Adult Life

      I get caught up too, it’s hard not too! That’s why it’s so great to write down the things we are grateful for and look back on them when we are facing difficult times. Close family is such a wonderful blessing!

      Thanks for stopping by Adriana!