Christmas Confessions and Hashtags

I set very high fitness goals this month and thanks to all the holiday busyness and treats I’m failing miserably. I just can’t avoid the break room at work and people won’t stop leaving goodies!  #whatwasIthinking #Ijustwanttoeateverything #sweettooth #betterlucknextyear


I’m ready for engagement season to be over! The long term dating relationship struggle is real. I may not be ready for all that craziness but I want everyone else to wait too! And I’ m so not ready for all the babies, whose going to go out with me?? #nonewbabies #wheresmyshinyobject #imstilltryingtolearnhowtofeedmydogontimeeveryday

I got in my friend’s car last night and she says “you smell good, like Christmas”. I’m oblivious to all the Christmas smells in my house but I guess they are working. #Ismelllikeachristmastree #isittoomuch #theresnevertoomuchChristmas


I don’t care about Star Wars at all and why is it it taking over Christmas!!?? First, they are taking away the Osbourne lights at Disney for more Star Wars space which should be a crime. Second, there are hardly any Christmas movies coming out this year and blame Darth Vader. #sorrynotsorry #ijustdontgetthehype #howmanymoviesdotheyneedtomake #wherearetheChristmasmovies

Me when people talk about how excited they are for Star Wars:


According to the 10 day forecast, it’s going to be 86 degrees on Christmas. Can Santa and his reindeer even handle that temperature?? #wtf #whatamisupposedtowear #ihateyouFlorida


I keep staying up late to wrap presents or watch Christmas movies or make treats and I’m exhausted everyday. I literally CANNOT understand how the parents at work with babies go every night with no sleep. #ineedmysleep #idontthinkicaneverbeamom #9hoursordie

Me at Work when I miss an hour of sleep:


I also am putting baking a priority over cooking dinner every night and eating out way too much. #caloriesdontcountfortheholidays #ihope #ilovebaking #chocolateandcandycanes


As much as I love all of this holiday fun, I can’t wait for the week after Christmas. I have the whole week off of work and I plan on staying in bed and reading all day, everyday. #ijustwanttodonothing #holidayhangover


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  • Haha I feel you on the sleep thing. I’m a mom of 2 and it’s tough getting adequate sleep, but I’m so cranky at work and yawning non-stop if I don’t get enough.

  • #nonewbabies for real! I’m totally yawning at work because I woke up on time instead of 45 minutes late. I’m super picky about how much I sleep too.

  • Molly Middleton

    Haha these memes are just cracking me up. Steph Curry’s daughter was KILLING ME during that interview I watched it over and over again and just wanted to be her best friend because of how entertaining she was!

  • Seriously this time of the year is the worst for fitness and eating healthy. I’m not sure it’s even possible. I’d be pretty proud if I smelled like Christmas! I’m so behind on everything I haven’t baked or wrapped or watched nearly enough Christmas movies. I’m a little overwhelmed that it’s already here next week!

    • I agree, healthy eating isn’t even worth trying to do right now! I’m doing pretty good with my baking and Christmas movies but my wrapping not so much. It takes me like an hour to wrap one thing (probably because I’m watching a Christmas movie at the same time) and I just have store bags full of unwrapped presents under my tree…

  • Nadine

    Ugh it is going to be 73 here on Christmas day and I am just like…really???? This isn’t Christmas!!!! And I have been staying up later than normal too and consequently being exhausted. Christmas is worth it though, right? They dont expect 100% at work at this point in the year anyways….do they? Hehe jk.

    • If they are expecting 100% they are going to be very disappointed! LOL Christmas is totally worth it but we are going to need a do over if the weather doesn’t get on board!

  • Jasmine @makingrestorations

    I’m counting this month as a win if I can just not gain any weight. Other than that, my fitness goals went out the window so I feel your pain

  • Last year was my first holiday season in an office setting and ohhhh my goodness, there were delicious holiday treats in the break room every day! It’s impossible to stay on track with fitness goals this time of year. And whaaaat?? 86 degrees on Christmas?? I’m going to package up some of our 12 inches of snow and send it to you.

    Your gifs are amazing (and that’s totally what I look like at the gym haha). Love these confessions!