December Currently

I’m taking a break from the Christmas overload I’ve been posting all over the blog for a little life update ?

Currently I’m…

EATING as healthy as possible. I’m trying to save up all my bad eating for Christmas but I’m tempted daily with treats in the break room.

DRINKING Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Green Tea. It’s my treat every night!

WEARING sandals. Florida has not gotten the winter memo…it’s going to be in the 80’s this week, ugh!

THINKING about how I’ll be 25 in a little over a month…ahhh!

HOPING for some good news and stability at work. We’ve been in a constant state of flux for months!

LOVING that I’m in 1st place in our fantasy league this year! Especially since I’m the only girl. I have a bye week for the first week of playoffs so I only have to win two games and I’m the champ! Girl power!

WANTING December to slow down. It’s going by way, way too fast! I’m looking forward to Christmas and some time off but I don’t want the holidays to be over yet!

WATCHING all the TV Christmas movies. And the new season of Married at First Sight. It’s my guilty pleasure, I’m fascinated by social experiments.

READING The Tsar of Love and Techno. Just finished Pretty Girls. I’m trying to make some progress in the Winter Book Challenge!

LISTENING to Glee Holiday radio on Pandora. By far the best Christmas station!

TRYING to get to bed earlier every night. But failing miserably as I’m up late writing this post…womp, womp. 

That sums up my December! What are you currently up to?

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  • Yessss to all the Christmas specials! And TJ’s green tea sounds amazing – yum!

    Green Fashionista

  • Candy cane green tea?! That sounds awesome.

  • I am so jealous you are first in your fantasy league (congratulations!). I missed the playoffs by the tiniest bit and somehow my boyfriend squeezed past me-he keeps saying now we are a team, but I’m still sulking. Next year I’m coming to you for advice!

    • I’m not quite sure how I got here…I follow football but not as closely as the boys I’m beating! I just followed all the experts online advice every week and I guess it worked!

  • oooooh candy cane green tea sounds amaaaaazing! Also, GO GIRL on 1st place. I love when I’m in the fantasy leagues and beat the guys hahahhaha

  • lol at trying to go to bed earlier.. i swear, i am trying to stay up later to not be so old, but i can’t hang past 8:30 lately. don’t know whats wrong with me?!

    • I envy your bedtime! I’m still trying to have it all: staying up late and working a “normal” job…it’s not going so well lol

  • Molly Middleton

    Trader Joe’s is my stuff and i’ve never heard of that drink!!!! Oh, I think I need to run an errand after work ? And yes to the going to bed earlier…i’m struggling hard with that one. But it’s so darn important!