Easter Weekending

My heart is so full after this Easter weekend! We had a great day yesterday, I love the fact that we are able to get everyone together from both mine and Jeff s side as one big family. Yesterday we hosted everyone for church and lunch and had so much fun spending time together <3

Lunch was sooo good: ham, chicken, arroz con gandules, asparagus casserole, salad, cinammon sugar carrots, chips with my famous guacamole, and deviled eggs. Andddd blackberry lemonade mimosas!

For desert we had fruit, pineapple upside down cake and nests made from pretzels, peanut butter and chocolate. And just for all of our Star Wars fans in the family, my mom made Star Wars shaped jello treats!

All that we need now is a bigger house because this family just keeps growing! But the more the merrier

Hope you had a blessed Easter and a great week ahead!

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