february goals

February Goals

It’s that time again! Goal time! January was incredibly busy and I don’t expect February to slow down much so I’m really trying to hone in on my time management skills both at work and in my personal life. I worked late many nights last month and it was difficult to accomplish all I wanted to but let’s see how I did:

  1. Track my steps, water & food intake and sleep habits with my new FitBit. This was an easy one, I’m officially obsessed with my FitBit. I’ve joined a bunch of challenges with friends and it is really motivating me to stay active. I’m also doing a great job of drinking enough water. Small wins!
  2. Go to the gym or go on a run at least 3 times per week and schedule it in my planner. Half accomplished. I started scheduling workouts in my planner and it did help me get to the gym more but there were just some weeks that I had something to do every single night so I might have to implement morning workouts. I am NOT a morning person so this will really be a challenge.
  3. Complete Yoga Camp from Yoga With Adrienne. Failed. I’ve tried this many times and I can’t seem to get myself to the mat everyday for 30 days in a row. I did do a lot of yoga this month though, there was just a few days in there I missed.
  4. Finish the 4 books I’ve currently started. Another Fail. I finished one. Reading is definitely the first thing to go when  I’m busy.
  5. Research Volunteer Organizations. Check! I went above and beyond on this one so I think I should get bonus points. Not only did I find an organization that I’m passionate about and really excited to work with, I went to my first volunteer meeting.

Okay so 2.5/5. Not great but not terrible…on the bright side, I have room to grow the rest of the year I guess…on to February’s goals!

February Goals 

  1. Meal plan on the weekends and try a new recipe each week. We have been eating out a little too much, partially because I’ve been getting bored with my recipes at home. 
  2. Win a FitBit challenge. I haven’t won a Weekend or Workweek challenge yet so I need to go beast mode at some point and beat all my friends! 
  3. Do my taxes. I’m a little nervous since this will be my first full year not being in school, so I hope I still end up on the positive side but either way, I want to get this done and out of the way. 
  4. Finish a book. Just one. If I can finish one book I’ll be happy. 
  5. Decide on a wedding venue. I have a particular one in mind but we need to officially set our venue and date! 

Hopefully February is a little calmer than January but I’m not holding my breath. It’s going to be a fun month though, I’m a big fan of Valentine’s Day and really excited to get in the full swing of wedding planning!

Happy February! I’m linking up with Writes Like A Girl for February Goals. Share yours with us!