Five on Friday

Happy happy Friday!! This week has felt way too long and I m glad we all made it! I m sharing this week s random thoughts with you and linking up for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites!

One//Words of Encouragement

I ve been feeling a little restless lately and I m considering making some big changes. This verse is on my heart right now and it inspires me.


On that same note, I m all about inspiring words this week. Here s what I ve been pinning.






It s been a while since I ve done Yoga which I ve missed. It s definitely one of those things that keeps me sane and I got back into it this week. I love Yoga With Adrienne on Youtube and this is one of my favorite videos for when I haven t practiced in a while. It s a perfect way to ease into it. I also recommend all of her thirty day challenge videos for anyone who wants to jump start or change up their practice, no matter what your skill level is.

Four//I m grateful for happy memories with good friends.

Earlier this week I talked about all the things I m grateful for and I ve been trying to consciously pay attention to all of my blessings and give thanks everyday. Today I m thankful for a great dinner last night with one of my best friends. It was an impromptu girls night with yummy food and free wine. Brick and Fire has some of the best pizza around and unlimited does free wine for ladies on Thursday nights! We had such good conversations and so much fun, maybe a little too much fun because I was feeling that free wine at work this morning…

Five//Link Love

This buzzfeed on what Mean Girls would be like if it was set in 2015 is hilarious. I will never get tired of Mean Girls jokes/references. Like seriously, when I m 80 I ll be shouting “You Go Glen Coco!” at my grandkids when they do something exciting.

All the things offensive about the red cup on the The Daily Tay. Too funny! I m sooo over everything being a huge controversy. Can t we all just get along?

How to finally be a morning person next year. I m determined to become a morning person. And I m making progress…most days.


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I m looking forward to some slightly cooler weather and celebrating my mom s birthday!


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