Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! The weekend is almost here! Things have been crazy for me lately, I’ve been consumed with work but missing Blogland a lot! I want to catch up this weekend and have a pretty low key weekend planned so far so hopefully it stays that way! On to some Friday Favorites!

Favorite Verse

This verse has been on my heart because I’m feeling like Superwoman lately with all I’m juggling but at the same time feeling inspired and productive!

Favorite Song

I’ve never been a Belieber but I’m loving this song! I can’t help it, it’s just so catchy! I always jam out to it in the car.

Favorite Shows

Some of my favorite shows are back on!

I’ve been addicted to Pretty Little Liars since high school and now they are back with a 5 year time jump so they are actually my age again after their 7+ years in high school! I’m so excited to see their new fashion statements and where the new story line goes. It’s definitely edgier already.

Another show that’s new season just started is Younger. I binge watched the whole first season a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with it. It’s about a 40 year old who is trying to go back into the workforce after a divorce. She lands a job at a NYC publishing company (my dream job!) by pretending to be in her mid twenties and takes on a  whole new life. It’s hilarious! Totally recommend it for you and your mom!

Favorite Blog Posts

#NotEntirelyPerfect – love this new Instagram hashtag….my photos are SO far from perfect!

It’s Going To Fly By from The Girl Who Loved To Write – This post spoke to me so much because I already find the days flying by with how busy things have been since the holidays. It’s a great reminder to stop and savor your time and everything that is going on in this beautiful life!

Blogging Basics: Working with Brands from Anne and Lindsay – I’ve followed this Blogging Basics series and it’s been so helpful for my baby blogger self but this week was especially helpful. There’s so many questions when it comes to working with brands and these ladies did an awesome job teaming up to cover all of the info!

Favorite Engaged Moment

So, I haven’t done any official wedding planning since we’ve got engaged. Between finishing up the holidays, coming back to an insane workload at the office and celebrating my birthday, I haven’t known where to start! I’ve been super excited and talking and thinking about it all the time but haven’t made any real progress. This week I registered for the Orlando Perfect Wedding Guide Wedding Show and I’m so excited!! I feel like it’s the official kick-off of my wedding planning and can’t wait to see all the ideas there! <3

I hope everyone stays safe and warm this weekend! Happy Weekending!

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  • I love that verse too! ? Younger sounds like a fun show!

  • Molly Middleton

    That verse is such a well known one. It’s great! I’m so happy PLL is back even though everyone is hating on it!! I still like it haha I hope they don’t drag it out as long though!