Friday Favorites: Christmas Tree Edition

What a whirlwind of a week it’s been! Thanksgiving came and went so fast! I spent most of the week prepping and yesterday the day just flew by! But my hours of cooking were well worth it, we had so too much delicious food and we successfully hosted our first Thanksgiving without any major crises (there was a slight crockpot almost catching on fire incident, but what’s a holiday without a few mishaps, right?) I’m so thankful for all of our family and friends that came over and enjoyed the day with us! Pictures to come!

Today, I’m taking a some well deserved relaxation time. I’m avoiding Black Friday crowds at all costs, online shopping and happily curling up with a blanket, books and coffee. I’m also dreaming of my Christmas decorations which I plan on putting up tomorrow which brings me to a Christmas tree edition of Friday Favorites!

Who doesn’t love Christmas trees? Each one is different and original. I can’t wait to put mine up and come home to it everyday! My tree is traditionally silver and gold but I love looking a different themes. Here’s some trees I love:

One//Floral Christmas Tree

I love how the ribbons are intertwined between the flowers. So pretty!

Two//Red & White Christmas Tree

The prettiest red and white accents. So classic and festive.

Three//Red, White & Green Christmas Tree

It’s cool how the red white and green ornaments spiral down the tree!

Four//White and Silver Christmas Tree

Gorgeous and elegant!

Five//White Christmas Tree

This tree makes me feel like I’m having a White Christmas.

What’s your favorite Christmas tree theme? Have you put your decorations up yet?

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  • We started decorating at my Mom’s house on Thursday night. ? The red, white, and green Christmas tree theme is my favorite…but I really love all of them since our two trees don’t really have a theme. They have lights and garland, but our ornaments are just special to us and gathered over the years. Happy decorating to you!

    • I really like that one too! Our tree is kind of the same…I have lots of silver and gold but plenty of ornaments that I’ve had since I was little. It’s a classic family memories tree ?