Friday Five – The One Before Valentine s Day

One//Valentine s Day

I m so ready for the weekend! I ve read a lot of posts this week about Valentine s Day; why some people celebrate, why some don t and how to celebrate. I m definitely one who likes any reason to celebrate, especially celebrating love! So, I m looking forward to this weekend. I plan on being very productive Saturday and enjoying some fun and quality time with my love on Sunday <3


I enjoyed our Ash Wednesday service this year so much! It was interactive and caused us to really reflect on things. At the end, we all chose two stones, a black and a white, one each out of a bag. The black stones represented something to give up for Lent and the white stones represented something to replace it with. I received “Fear of Failure” to give up. Oh, how God knows me. I hold back a lot because I m worried I will fail or what others will think. I m vowing to step outside of my comfort zone and pursue things without Fear of Failure. I m replacing it with “Attention to Virtue”, focusing on all the wonderful things others are doing in my life. I loved that we did this.

Three//Favorite Recipes

I m doing pretty well with my meal planning goal and this week I made two yummy recipes I found on Pinterest:

This Slow Cooker Chicken & Wild Rice Soup – I m addicted to Panera s version and this rivaled it! I planned it perfectly on our coldest day of the week. #winning

Apple Spice Pork Chops – I made these with baked sweet potatoes. Heavenly!

Four//Posts I loved this week

Celebrate Life by The Girl Who Loved to Write

Strawberry Brownie Skewers from Cupcakes and Cashmere (totally making these on Vday)

6 Reasons To Travel Europe by Train from Wonderforest

Five//New Movies

I don t get to the movies very often but there s a bunch of stuff I want to see right now. How To Be Single and Zoolander 2 look hilarious! I love all of the actresses in How To Be Single and I don t think the new Zoolander can disappoint. Plus The Choice is out, a Nicholas Sparks movie, bring on the tears! I want to watch them all!


Happy Friday!

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