How Guest Blogging Can Be Used For Lead Generation

From the viewpoint of SEO, guest blogging is used simply for obtaining a link back to your site. For some time, this could effectively build up your backlink profile. Soon SEOs realized that the content was regardless and the link was all that mattered.

As a result, guest blogging lead to a sudden increase of low quality content. However, guest blogging is still important and has several benefits besides just link building. Here’s how you can make maximum use of guest blogging to increase ROI and produce quality leads for the business.

Make use of your author bio to establish yourself as a market leader amongst your industry competitors. By giving out the right kind of information in your author bio, you can receive several inquiries in return, many of which will result in actual clients. Before the initial contract, being able to establish trust with a possible client is winning half the battle right there.

Choosing the right topic is crucial for guest blogging. Although there are many websites that will take anything that comes there way, as long as it is related to their industry, editors of authoritative sites are always on the lookout for new topics with a fresh perspective; something that gives added value for their readers. When targeting topics, be careful not to talk about a variety of things within one article because by doing so, you will dilute the value of every topic. By choosing specific topics which you can cover thoroughly, you will be gaining credibility as a blogger.

Once you have decided on your topic, figure out which site will be publishing your post. When you are screening sites for maximum lead generation, you should focus on more than just industry relevance and domain authority.

Look at the sites’ social following, engagement level of their followers, number of social shares for blogs by other authors, and so on. Social sharing should be your priority as it gives you an exponential reach, while authoritative domain is just an added SEO benefit. Selecting the correct site means more views, more links, more shares, more search visibility and a greater opportunity for leads.

All business owners who make use of lead generation know that some leads are better qualified than others. For this reason, it is better to have some conditions that can be targeted. For example, most businesses have pricing as a priority factor when it comes to sealing the deal. You can eliminate this restriction by selecting a topic that only applies to specific standards of a business.

Guest blogging is not a thing of the past. It just takes more time to get it done right. As long as your content is of high quality and encourages users to engage with your post, guest blogging is a perfect strategy for better exposure, branding, and obtaining a higher overall business reach. With the evolution of content marketing, businesses will move towards optimizing their guest blogs for targeting customer acquisition and lead generation.

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