Many absorption pits, after some years of continuous use, lose their absorbency, because cigars accumulate on the walls and bottom. This results in them filling up in a short period of time, which, as time goes on, becomes shorter and shorter as the problem gets worse and worse.

Regular evacuation of a septic tank is tantamount to cost, disturbance, noise and stench. In professional facilities (hotels, restaurants, etc.) the annoyance of customers is an additional serious problem. The company Αποφράξεις Πειραιά will present the following three alternative methods to remove completely emptying your septic tank, either absorbent or are tight-septic.

Chemical or biological fluid that removes the cigar from the walls of the pit.

This method is economical and direct with repetitive applications every few months. Also this is the simplest and most direct of the three methods we propose. It has a low cost, but the total cost depends on the size and age of the pit. Others things that can do are:

  • Restores their lost absorbency in the absorption wells.
  • The sewage level remains low and you do not need to call a tank again.
  • The stench is removed.
  • Repeated application is required for maintenance every few months.
    Environmentally friendly.
  • This solution mainly concerns absorption pits, but can also be applied to watertight.

Conversion of the septic tank into a biological wastewater treatment plant.

The second method requires a small initial investment, but has negligible operating costs and offers other benefits. Some of them are:

  1. Higher initial cost, negligible operating and maintenance costs.
  2. The initial cost depends on the number of people that the biological treatment will serve.
  3. Short delivery time, easy installation and start-up.
  4. The need to call a tank at regular intervals is permanently eliminated.
  5. The materials that dissolve the cigar are removed to maintain the absorbency of the pit.
  6. The problem of odor and the use of materials to deal with it is permanently eliminated.
  7. The produced water can be used for irrigation.
  8. Thus, the water bill is reduced.
  9. Side space may be required if your septic tank is small.
  10. It is a perfectly legal solution, while the absorption pit is illegal.
  11. In case of an earthquake there is no problem, while the septic tank can be damaged, especially if it is watertight.
  12. This solution applies to both waterproof and absorbent pits.


Sealing the septic tank so that it does not fill with rainwater.

So that you do not spend unjustly calling a tank every now and then to get rainwater from your septic tank. The cost of sealing depends on the size and condition of the septic tank. The septic tank is completely sealed and stops flooding with water, even when the aquifer rises to its highest level, so, you do not need to call a tank just to empty the rainwater.

The sealing is done by our specialized workshop with special certified materials that hold the so-called “negative pressures”. In order to make the seal, it is necessary to precede a good cleaning of the septic tank and this solution applies to both waterproof and absorbent pits. In the case of the absorption pit, the walls and the bottom are covered with a special completely sealed concrete .

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