Humpday Confessions

I confess:

I can’t understand how some bloggers manage to do it all. Or at least seem like it. Since the new year started I’ve been slammed at work since we lost a team member. Plus, I have been really focused on getting in shape. So, between working so much and working out, I feel like I have no time for blogging, or reading, or cleaning, or doing laundry…Oh yeah and I’m supposed to start planning a wedding! Clearly I need to figure this whole time management thing out. #notime #showmeyoursecrets #howdoyoudoit

I’m officially obsessed with my FitBit. I’ll admit, for a long time I resisted the fad and didn’t see the point of it. Now that I have one, I’m obsessed. And being in challenges with other people really keeps me accountable. I’ve started tracking EVERYTHING and may be getting a little crazy over it… #fitbitordie #stepgoals #aintnobodymessinwithmyfitbit

This week at work, I spilled a giant bowl of cooked oatmeal in the hallway. It was a busy hallway with carpet so everyone could see me cleaning it up and then I had to call Facilities to come vacuum it with the special (loud) carpet cleaner. It was my most embarrassing moment at work since I fell all the way backwards to the ground in a chair in my boss’ office, in front of the whole team because I mistakenly thought I was coordinated enough to lean back in the chair… #clearlyimclumsy #theworstpartwasIwasreallyhungry #lovemeorhateme #Faciliteshatesme

I paid 0 attention to the National Championship game and I don’t care. I guess that’s what happens when your team doesn’t win a game all year. #winorloosewestillbooze #whoseevenplaying #MondaysareforTheBachelor

I also did not pay attention to the Golden Globes, I can never get into the award shows. #sorrynotsorry

The new Teen Mom OG started again and I can’t help but watch the train wreck. And The Bachelor. And Vanderpump Rules. #guiltypleasures #realitytvaddict #canthelpit

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  • Team clumsy for the win, obviously with my jar stories today! Sounds like you have really made an impression at work, not to be rude, but I would die to see you do that in the chair! So funny! I’m with you, I don’t know how everyone does it all this time of year either. Working out and laundry have been my downfalls so far. We can do it though! We just have to get in a groove!

    • Haha the chair was not my finest moment! The worst part was that I was awkwardly stuck in it after I fell over and people had to help me up! Thank goodness I wasn’t wearing a skirt that day!!! And yeah, totally need to get in the groove, I definitely need to be more productive on the weekends to balance it all…

  • Nadine

    I am a Bama fan, so I was certainly paying attention to the championship game, but I hate award shows. I just check out the blog posts about them the next day and feel like I dont miss anything haha. Embarrassing moments at work at the worst!

    Isn’t the Fitbit the best thing ever to get moving? I didn’t think it would make a difference for me but it so does.

    • Congrats on the win! And I’m with you, I like to check out the blog posts with everyone’s red carpet looks after the awards shows. For real when actually see how little I’m moving on my lazy days it really motivates me! I totally get the Fitbit craze!

  • So true! There’s always more that can be done! It’s a constant work in progress! Thanks so much Sarah, I’m really glad you like it!

  • Oh no! Hopefully you at least were able to keep it off your dress and heels, I’ve had a few spilled coffee moments, not fun! I guess some of us are just not gifted with coordination ?

  • For real!! I can’t imagine doing all of this plus kids…Those women seriously must be able to freeze time! I’m glad you understand my struggle!

  • Runwright

    I was trying to explain the whole concept of my To-Do list to a kid I was babysitting the other day. I told her I set goals for the day and throughout the day, cross off all the things I accomplished.

    She looked at my list and pretty much told me I was failing at it. She was right. I hadn’t done half of what I set out to do. #TheStruggleIsReal

  • scheduled posts are my jam. most of the time though, esp these days, i just have no time for blogging because work is killing me!