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June Goals

Okay, every month I write down my goals and I think “I got this! I’m going to finish all these in a few days!” Suddenly, it’s the last week of the month and I realized I completely put them on the back burner and got way too caught up in life. That is definitely what happened in May, I’m not even going to recap my May Goals because only a little progress was made (mainly the fun one – getting a massage) and I’m resetting most of them. In my defense, I did just change jobs so most of my focus was on that this past month.

I do feel like I’m starting to find a good balance in life lately between work, working out, social events and taking time for myself. Hopefully that balance will help me do better with making time for my monthly goals.

Here’s what I want to accomplish in June:

  1. Post some things to Poshmark. I’ve sent some things off to ThredUp but I haven’t gotten a chance to post anything to Poshmark yet and I want to try both services.
  2. Organize our spare bedroom. This has become the room for boxes and anything and everything I haven’t found a place for yet…
  3. Create an office/desk space and organize paperwork. I have a space planned out but just need to make it happen so we can get more organized!
  4. Complete the Blogilates June workout calendar. The one downfall of my new job is that I no longer have a free gym at the office. Until I figure out which gym I want to join, I need a workout plan. I’ve been wanting to try the Blogilates fitness calendars for a while so this is the perfect opportunity!
  5. Finish 4 books for the Summer Book Challenge. There’s 12 total books on my list so if I read 4 a month I’ll complete the challenge!

I really can’t believe we are talking about what needs to get done in June! We are halfway through the year already!!

What do you want to accomplish this summer?

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