Life Lately

Life has been a bit crazy lately because….WE SET A WEDDING DATE! And it’s in less than 60 days!! I couldn’t be more excited to marry the love of my life but there is so much to be done in the next two months, plus the holidays! Needless to say, we have a lot on our plate, but I’m enjoying every minute of it!

Besides wedding planning, I’m currently…

LOVING that Starbucks Red Cups are here!! It makes me feel so festive!

DRINKING Flat Tummy Tea. I’ve seen so many celebrities and influencers endorse this tea cleanse, so I figured what the heck because I’m really working hard on slimming and toning right now and will take any help I can get!

WEARING cardigans and sweaters! I’m loving the few sweaters I picked up from Banana Republic and Loft last weekend. So cozy!

WATCHING football. I’m killing it in Fantasy Football this year which always makes watching football games more fun ?

READING Not Working by Lisa Owens which has been pretty entertaining so far. I’m also listening to The Girl You Left Behind on Audible which is my first Jojo Moyes outside of the Me Before You books.

WANTING a new laptop. Any suggestions?

RELAXING WITH my fur babies. Walks and outings with our pups is my favorite way to spend some free time.

EXCITED ABOUT the next 2 months! Dress shopping, Thanksgiving, Christmas…so much planned that I can’t wait for!

November is just flying on by like the rest of 2016! This is what life looks like lately!

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  • How exciting that you guys set a wedding date!! It’ll be here before you know it, but enjoy the time!! I need to look into that tea, I’ve been hearing a lot about it. I love my Macbook and totally want to upgrade it, but it’s quite the investment…worth it tho!! I need to add those books to my reading list!