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Literary Ladies Book Club: Exposure to a Billionaire

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. 

This month we read Exposure to a Billionaire by Ann Menke for the Literary Ladies Book Club. Here’s a little synopsis from Goodreads:

In Exposure to a Billionaire, a tragic event opens the door for Anna St. James to realize her lifelong dream. With one step onto the luxurious private airplane of the world’s second richest man, Mr. Stuart Manning, Anna is swept up into a world of power, unlimited wealth, and yes, greed. Offered a salary beyond her wildest imagination, she becomes Mr. Manning’s personal flight attendant and dives headlong into this new life—magnificent yachts, exotic trips from Phuket to Paris, movie premieres with wardrobes and gifts to match. How could Anna ever go back to the life she once knew?

After reading this description, I was really intrigued and excited to read this, it sounded like a great Summer read. Sadly, the book didn’t live up to my expectations. I give Exposure to a Billionaire 2 stars. 

The writing style was not my favorite, it felt rushed and like sentences were too short most of the time. I found it to be slightly materialistic…it was all about the luxury that Anna was experiencing and I would have preferred more vivid descriptions of the beautiful places she was traveling. I also felt like Anna would go on and on about luxuries and gifts but then the more substantial, interesting parts of the story line were rushed through. It’s one saving grace was that I found most of the characters charming and the selfless nature of the Mannings gave me hope for humanity. Hopefully there are really billionaires out there like them!


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  • thank you for reading the book with us ? based on the synopsis i really thought i would like it as well. i am bummed it didn’t live up to my expectations, but i guess you can’t help that. i hope there are billionaires out there like that as well!

    • I always enjoy these link ups, if nothing else it was different from anything else I read! I think the story line had a lot of potential but the writing style wasn’t my cup of tea.

  • Yes, I agree about the rushed bit, there were so many parts that were skimmed over in a paragraph or two that deserved pages, if not a whole chapter of detail!

    • You’re so right! I would stop and think “Wait, that’s it? That’s all she’s going to say about that??” lol

  • Nadine

    The materialism and shallowness of Anna really annoyed me. And I just don’t understand how you can rush through a kidnapping so quickly??? There was just absolutely no depth to this book. But I really did like the travel descriptions so I agree it would have been better to stick more with that. Oh well, can’t love them all right?!

  • I had a hard time with this book, but I agree that I liked some of the travel parts quite a bit. ? It had potential, I hope that in the future she can write a true memoir or maybe turn her writing toward a more narrative fiction. ? XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    • I totally agree with you on the potential, I think if the story line has been developed and explored differently it could have been a great book!

  • The synopsis sounds promising, but your review has turned me off to this book. Sad that this interesting sounding book fell flat!

    • I thought it sounded like good too but unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend it and I think that most reviews I’ve read today had the same thoughts!

  • Agreed! The author definitely spend so much time talking about luxuries and then bam, tension was skimmed over.

    Thanks for joining us nonetheless!