My First Birchbox Review

I finally decided to jump on the subscription box train and order my first Birchbox. I have been getting more and more into makeup and skincare in the last year or so but I still rarely branch out of my comfort zone. So, I love the idea of getting to test out a bunch of new products for only $10 a month.

I ordered my first box in mid-September but I didn’t get it until October 3rd. I guess it takes them a while to process and ship your first box but usually they come at the beginning of the month because I got my October Birchbox around the 10th. I basically got two in the same week which was fun, I like the fact that Birchbox didn’t wait until October to start my subscription. I also liked the fact that they alerted me when the box shipped with a preview list of the products I was getting. However, I don’t love the shipping service they use. It’s called Newgistics (which I’ve never heard of before) and they don’t update the shipping information very quickly. They also don’t provide a delivery date like FedEx or UPS. This probably won’t be an issue since I know that the rest of them will arrive around the 10th but it was a little frustrating as I was anxiously awaiting the first package.

All is well, because it did arrive and I loved the design of the box. I will definitely be keeping the boxes for Christmas gift wrapping or some sort of Pinterest project, they’re too pretty to throw away!  I was also pleased to find that all of the products arrived in good condition. (I was slightly worried about the lipstick melting based on reviews I had read.)

My September Birchbox had:

1. Harvey Prince Hello Body Cream 

Sample Size – .5 fl oz

Normal Size – 12 oz for $22

This lotion smelled great! It also felt nice but didn’t make my hands any softer than other lotion that I use. I was happy with the sample size, it’s perfect to take in my purse and use on the go for a couple of weeks. I loved that it was organic but all in all it was nothing special. I couldn’t justify spending $22 on it. Probably would not buy. 

2. 12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment 

Sample Size – 1.5 fl oz

Normal Size – 6 oz for $21

This is the product that I was most excited to try. My hair is very difficult to manage, it’s a poofy, frizzy mess. This product is supposed to make your hair softer and shinier while protecting from heat damage (among 10 other benefits). I was very pleased with the sample size and it did a good job. I used it before blow drying and it did seem to improve the texture of my hair. It also seemed to cut down the drying time which is a huge win in my book because my hair is also very thick. Will buy.

3. ModelCo Ultra Long-Lasting Lipstick in Smitten 

Sample Size – .12 oz

Normal Size – Trio of 3 .12 oz tubes for $20

This was a great sample because I got a full size lipstick. This usually comes in a trio a three colors: Kitty, Stiletto and Smitten. My sample was Smitten which is a deep red. It was a little too bold for my taste (and Jeff’s) but it went on smooth and was definitely long-lasting. It’s not really my style so I would not buy.  

4. English Laundry Eau de Parfum No. 7 for Her

Sample Size – .04 oz

Normal Size – 3.4 oz for $90

This was your typical sample size for perfume. I was skeptical of this perfume because it’s described as “bright and fruity with alluring hints of masculine musk”. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the masculine musk part but I ended up loving the scent (and receiving a lot of compliments while wearing it). It’s a little pricey so I don’t think I would purchase it for myself but I would ask for it as a Christmas or Birthday gift. 

5. Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate

Sample Size – 5 ml

Normal Size – 75 ml for $28

This was the only sample size that was disappointing. It was tiny. I did have enough to try it a couple of times though and I wasn’t impressed. It’s described as a 24-hour Miracle Cream but the texture was not very soft and silky to me. It was kind of sticky. Not my favorite moisturizer. They also market it as a make-up remover but I don’t think I need a $28 make-up remover. Definitely would not buy.

Overall, I’d say my first Birchbox was worth the $10 investment. I found a new hair product that I will be purchasing, a perfume I like and have some good samples to use for the next few weeks!

Have you tried Birchbox? What do you think of it?

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  • Ursula Ball

    I have been with Birchbox for 3 yrs and love being a Birchbox Ace (earn 500 pts per yr esp doing “write a review” which you get10 points each for your monthly boxes) and love their service! I truly look forward to get my monthly box in the mail! I love that box in October which I posted in my blog!