Reflecting On International Women’s Day

The last few months have been a whirlwind for me! From frantically planning a wedding throughout the holidays, to cruising to the Bahamas, then taking a trip to Nashville to support family through a major surgery, all while trying to keep up with a demanding job…I’m not sure how I’ve managed to breath, and definitely have not been able to squeeze in working out or practicing yoga or blogging or cooking, all the things I love!

Man, adulting is really hard, and trying to balance it all to be the perfect woman is really really hard! And I’m no where near perfect!

But, as I’m thinking about International Women’s Day and what it means to me, I couldn’t help thinking about the blogging community. I have never met women who are so supportive of each other, even if it is only virtually. And I really miss it. I’ve been struggling lately with coming back to this space and wondering if I could jump back in and make the time or if I’m not cut out to keep it up. But I like sharing, and I love getting to know other women and connecting with people I would never know otherwise.

To me, International Women’s Day is about supporting each other judgement free, competition free and expectation free. We get all that from the world already, we don’t need to do it to each other! And in my experience, this is the community to find that place to be yourself and I love being a part of it! I know today brings up some much deeper issues, but I think working together and being supportive of other women is a great place to start.

Not only am I happy to be a part of this community, I’m so lucky to have so many strong willed women with a voice in my life who have taught me ambition, courage and love. My mom, my sisters, my aunt, my mother-in-law, my grandmothers, my friends. My life has been full of some bad a** women! Love you all!

So here’s to all you hard working, heel wearing, balancing it all (or trying to) women out there! Girl power! Happy International Women’s Day!

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