Thanksgiving Weekending & A Grateful Heart


As I started to write this post with my usual “How is it Monday already?” I realized that I can t even complain this Monday. My heart is so full after a wonderful weekend of family, friends, making good memories, eating good food and a little Christmas cheer. Thanksgiving may be over but I m still reflecting on the many blessings that I was reminded of this weekend.

Even though I m not all that excited to be back in the office, I m grateful to have a job that allowed me a four day holiday weekend. I feel for everyone who had to work on Thanksgiving (including mine and Jeff s sisters who were definitely missed this year but it s part of their jobs to create happy holiday memories for other families.) I cherish the memory of successfully hosting our first Thanksgiving and appreciate our families that came over and enjoyed the day with us. We had so much delicious food, I may have went a little overboard…and Jeff s turkey on the grill turned out great!

We did it!
Jeff s Perfect Turkey!
So. Much. Food. Doesn t even include appetizers and deserts!
My best dish! Baked brie cheese and cracker plate was amazing!
Me with our moms who helped out with the cooking.
Facetiming family far away!
My sister was able to stop by after work <3
It was cool enough to end the evening by the fire.

It was one of the best Thanksgivings I ve ever had! On Friday, we opted out of the Black Friday shopping for some R&R. We were exhausted after days of yard work, cleaning, cooking and hosting. We slept in and had a lazy morning. I snuck a picture of my boys who were pooped:

Friday afternoon, I had a Mother-Daughter Movie Date. It was a treat since us girls don t get all together, just us, very often anymore. We saw Love The Coopers and it was WEIRD…not your traditional happy Christmas movie. It was pretty emotional, we all cried a few times.

Friday night, I had a Friendsgiving dinner. I m so grateful for good friends to eat and talk and laugh with. We played Cards Against Humanity so we laughed a lot!

Saturday we slept in again (Oh man, how I love sleeping in!) and then went to get our Christmas tree! Christmas time is here! Yay! One of my favorite Christmas traditions with Jeff is getting a real tree every year because I never had a real one growing up and it just smells soooo good! Plus, it s so exciting and festive to go pick it out!

Saturday night we went to my Uncle s house for a delicious steak dinner, a nice break from all of the Thanksgiving leftovers! It was a fun night listening to hilarious family stories and just spending time together.

Sunday, was a low-key day preparing to go back to work. I watched a couple of Christmas Hallmark movies, drank some apple cider and finally got to start decorating after the tree had it s time to rest!

This is only part one of my Christmas wonderland! More decorating pics to come! I m so excited for December and all of its festivities. I love this time of year!!

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A Grateful Heart with Ember Grey
Heading out of fantasy holiday world and back to the real world with a happy heart! I hope your Thanksgiving filled you with joy and love!

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  • Biana Perez

    Congrats on hosting your first Thanksgiving and yay for it being a success! So glad to hear you had a great weekend with family! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  • Darcy

    Totally with ya on not being excited to be back in the office but still thankful to have a job and days off for the holiday!

  • Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Weekends like that are the best. Stopping over from the Grateful Heart Linkup!

  • Looks like a blast! We got our tree too! Found ya on the Grateful Heart linkup too