Three Reasons Why Galliano Changed Menswear!

Galliano attended the Met Ball and understood the liberal way in which the new streetwear affects the young generation.

The idea of changing the options was reflected in his men’s show for Maison Margiela on June 2018, which he decided to turn into his first men’s haute couture collection. That show, where John Galliano repurposed eighteenth century recycled kimonos into gowns.

He got so excited with the changing landscape of menswear and the new energy that was coming in at different houses. Galliano was fascinated by the changes in fashion.

He tries never to disapprove of anything because that’s just silly and old cause their generation was interested in craft. The aestetic of this new generation is about artfulness, and that is great. That kind of idea is new and fresh.

What made Galliano change his conception!


Through internet he was able to see all the fashion in the history of the world – he saw everything – and now fashion is about something else.

Fashion has always been about prestige and messages. Clothes and accessories are a means of communication. Who is better to make an indefinable marriage between streetwear and high dressmaking, Galliano is!

Z Generation and Galliano

Galliano reflected on the doors that opened by the acceptance of the new generation. The Z Generation… gay marriage belongs to the past. For them it’s history. They see the world from a different ankle. Everyone can understand it but only few can put themselves in their shoes. One feels alive around the new generation, so he tried and managed to fit 34 haute couture men’s looks at Maison Margiela.

Men’s Dressmaking

 He was trying to exercise the craft of dressmaking. He calls it men’s and it was usually used for women’s, but why not try the opposite? Pre-ordained conformist ideas of masculinity and femininity… which hopefully will be a journey to discover a new sensuality, a new sexuality, breaking down pre-conceived ideas of what is masculine and what is feminine.

He believes that he is still learning about youth and energy. It is all about revitalising the brand. The most important was to have some couture elements in the fashion show as it is a couture house. That was an interesting next step.

Writing a new chapter is as much about how the words appear as what they say.

John Galliano

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