wedding wednesday our engagement party

{Wedding Wednesday} Our Engagement Party

I need to rave for a moment about how wonderful both mine and Jeff’s families are! I feel so lucky to have had both our families support our relationship with so much love, encouragement and excitement throughout our years together. Jeff’s parents have always treated me like one of their own children and I know he feels the same way about mine. They also get along great and it makes me so happy to bring everyone together!

A couple of weeks ago, Jeff’s Mom threw us an engagement party and both of our families were there to celebrate with us! (I’m just getting around to posting pictures because it’s been a crazy few weeks) It was a blast! There was a lasagna bar, wine, lots of desert – my Mom made an AMAZING Tiramisu and Italian Wedding Cookies – and there were some really touching speeches. Who knew my stepdad had it in him! ? I also had most of my bridesmaids there and got to pop the question to them! I couldn’t be more grateful for this special night!

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  • How awesome does this party look?! I love all the decor and tiramisu & italian wedding cookies, double yum!!! Great that you got to pop the question to your bridesmaids too! Thanks so much for linking up!

  • How incredibly sweet, love love love all the pictures and sweetness. Congratulations!

  • Ashley Stephenson

    Looks like a great party! How sweet you were able to ask your girls at your party!