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Weekending: Shopping & Soccer Games


Happy Monday! Today, is definitely going to be a caffeine-fueled day, I m running on empty over here. The weekend was packed with lots of my favorite things: eating, shopping and and an Orlando City game! I m linking up with Biana for some Weekending highlights:

Friday I worked from home due to some doctor s appointments, oh how I love work-from-home days! Jeff and I hit up Food Truck Friday downtown for lunch. We had Barnyard BBQ and it was sooo good. Jeff had the “Bad Dog” sandwich and I had the pulled pork stuffed potato. Amazing!

Friday night, I headed to TGIF for a good ole girls night with a couple of friends. We talked, gossiped and shopped. We hit up Bed, Bath and Beyond, Old Navy and Target.

Picked up this shirt at Old Navy – sums up the weekend perfectly!

Saturday, Jeff took me to his favorite donut shop. It s a family owned, little place with homemade donuts that are the best!

I spent the rest of the day shopping with my mom and sisters for an engagement party dress! We were very successful and I ended up with two dresses We also went to IKEA and finished the day off with dinner at one of my favorite pizza places: Brick and Fire.

Sunday morning, we went to brunch at Artisan s Table. It was delicious! I think it may be my new favorite brunch spot. And if I wasn t already in love, I found out they have latte art!

Breakfast Latte – made with orange peel and maple syrup, heavenly!

French Toast Muffin with Maple Bacon Butter!

After brunch, we bar hopped downtown a bit and then headed to the Orlando City game with some friends. This was my first game of the season so I was really excited!

Sadly, we tied. I happen to hate the fact that you can leave with a tie in soccer, and it was over a pretty ridiculous call. We should have won!

How we felt about that call.

That about sums it up! How was your weekend?



  • Biana Perez

    Oh my gosh how good does that donut look! Oh gosh I can t sit through a soccer game, but a tie would be frustrating! xo, biana