What is Face-sitting?

One of the more unusual variations of the basic types of oral sex is called face-sitting. This variation is mostly used in BDSM (escort or escorts) circles because it suits very well the idea of domination and submission. However, face-sitting is not restricted to the BDSM community and many couples use it because they love the position.

There’s nothing inherently humiliating about the position and it can be used to great effect because it allows the person performing oral sex to rest his or her head and avoid straining their neck muscles. The basic idea of face-sitting is that one of the two partners either squats over the other’s face or kneels down and lowers its genitals close to the other’s face. The position is well suited for both oral-genital and oral-anal contact.

Face-sitting should not be confused with smothering, a definitely BDSM practice whose aim is not only to provide sexual pleasure, but also to deprive the submissive partner of oxygen. Beginners and people who are not comfortable with the idea, but are still curious about it may want to try it with the top partner sitting on the other partner’s chest rather than face. Moreover, beginners should avoid squatting when face-sitting and instead use kneeling.

A less experienced person might find the prolonged squatting uncomfortable. Also, the orgasm may cause the squatting person to fall on the head of the person below, which is more than a little risky under the circumstances. A good rule of the thumb is to use this position sparingly at the beginning and go for the full package later on.

Face-sitting can be a very erotic experience for both partners whether they enjoy the feeling of being overwhelmed by the other’s presence or the feeling of being on top and having the other at one’s mercy. Still, many couples try face-sitting in order to experience some variation from the common cunnilingus or fellatio position and are not interested in the domination/submission aspect of face-sitting.

Sometimes special furniture is used, such as the queening stool or the smotherbox. Both devices are designed to allow the dominant partner to sit down and be serviced by the submissive partner.

This oral sex variation is prominently featured in BDSM literature and movies and especially in the works of Japanese fetish artists (escort or escorts). If you wish to try face-sitting then go right ahead, but be mindful of the hazards. Don’t engage into something you haven’t researched properly. Have fun and stay safe.

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