What s New {April 17}

Linking up for What s New with Kristen and Gretchen to share what life looks like lately:

Working On my never ever challenge of finding balance. I ve been taking more time for myself on the weekends for relaxing, reading, TV binging, organizing and decluttering the house. And spending as much time outside as possible.

I ve been enjoying it but April is already jam packed with activities on the weekends!

Playing tennis. My newest favorite way of getting active. I can t wait to get better!

Binging Lately

Gilmore Girls – still working on my 2nd time watching the series through before I watch A Year in the Life

Veronica Mars – don t know how I missed this

Game of Thrones – Hubby and I trying to catch up before Season 7

I just finished Big Little Lies and I was really impressed by the mini series. I didn t read the book first so I would love to hear opinions of anyone who read and watched!

Movies Lately

Beauty and the Beast – it did not disappoint! I really like Emma Watson as Belle, and I was worried that the CGI would throw me off but I enjoyed the whole thing.

Hidden Figures – wonderful movie! So inspiring and insightful! I saw this with my mom and sister and it was the perfect girls night movie.

Falling Behind On Audible. My credits and purchased books were just piling up, I had to pause my membership today ?

Failing At sleeping and a having a routine. A little over a month ago, I was reassigned to two late shifts a week at work. 11am to 8:30pm shifts are the worst thing to ever happen to my R.E.M. Cycle and workout motivation. I have certainly not figured out a routine yet and I m exhausted all week. Not happy about this change at all.

Which leads to Drinking SO Much Coffee

I ve been ordering K Cups in bulk from Amazon and have two new favorites:

Peets Variety Pack

Manhattan Roast Variety Pack

I also love the Carafe I ordered for our Keurig 2.0. It definitely comes in handy on the weekends when we want to drink coffee all day.

Excited For Easter! Really looking forward to getting together with family and celebrating and eating a yummy brunch.

Also being part-time puppy paparazzi as always. Oh I wish my days consisted of sunning and sleeping like theirs.

What s new with you?

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  • I just finished all the Gilmore Girls and I m kinda sad that I don t have it to watch anymore. Maybe I ll re-watch from the beginning again haha. I m horribly behind on Game of Thrones but I want to catch up. I haven t seen Beauty and the Beast yet but I m dying to!

    I feel you on the failing at sleeping and having a routine. I wish I had an answer to this struggle.

    Aww, puppies! They make everything better.