What’s New in December

Whelp, we had a big change this past weekend! Last week, our landlords gave us the news that we got some poor results to an inspection and have to do a huge remodel of the kitchen in the house we were renting. They gave us the option to vacate for a few weeks to months or break our lease. We opted to break the lease, stay with family for the next month or so and start our house hunt after the new year.

So, within a few days we were packed, moved mostly to storage, and settled in at my parents house this past weekend. I’m so grateful to have family close by to support us and we are very comfortable but it’s a big change and I’m missing having our own space. It was also really sad to see that house go. We lived there over 3 years and have a lot of great memories. The hubby and I were both really down to leave it so suddendly and reminiscing on all the fun times but hopefully onto a great new home in 2018!

*Sad, empty house ?

So what else is new? All the holiday festivities.

Had a family picture and fun day the weekend before Thanksgiving where we went to the local festival of the trees. And then had a very relaxing Thanksgiving weekend.

Picked out a Christmas tree and took it with us in the move. It’s still waiting to be decorated though!

Lots of online shopping, including ordering our Christmas cards!

And plenty of warm cups of tea and hot cocoa! Along with Hallmark movies of course ?

I’m looking forward to a much less hectic weekend coming up and we are expecting some cool weather so it should be a festive one! What’s new with you?

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  • oh my gosh, what a huge change! that sucks. i mean, obviously if something came up on the inspection it had to be something you shouldn’t be living with anyway.. but still. not having your own space is hard, i am with you there. this time last year we were in my mother in law’s basement. it was tough! good luck with the house hunt, hope you all find something perfect as soon as possible ?

  • Sorry to hear about your move! That’s super stressful at the last minute, and especially around the holidays. Your tree looks beautiful! I’m jealous of everyone’s lovely real trees. Pine trees don’t really grow here so it’s the most raggedy assortment you’ve ever seen. I think it will actually make me more sad to look at so we’re going to pass!