What’s New {June 2017}

Happy 1st day of June! Andddd it’s the first day of hurricane season, eek!! FYI hurricane supplies are tax free this weekend, take advantage!

May was a super busy month, lots of activities! I’m linking up with Kristen and Gretchen to share all of last months happenings:

Took my little sister to her first concert and an old time favorite for me – Blink 182! Such a blast!!

A Sunday beach trip with the most gorgeous weather. We went to Coconuts, the place to be on a Sunday in Cocoa Beach!

Jeff and I made an attempt to see the last Wishes fireworks show ever at Magic Kingdom….but my lovely, thoughtful husband (who I appreciate for trying to make this date night magical) did not check the time of the firework show and we missed it while eating dinner! Oops!

Got evacuated from work one day because we were poisoned with painting supplies! It was awful, they were doing maintenance on the roof, I work on the top floor, and somehow paint fumes started circling in the fresh air vents. We all got to go home at noon on a Friday though!

Spent about a week with a cold, including missing a couple days of work. Not fun but it meant binging on Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls. When am I not watching Gilmore Girls…only 3 episodes left of Season 7 and then I can finally watch A Year in the Life! After much begging, I FINALLY convinced one of my best friends to start watching the series so I’m beyond excited to talk about it with her!!

An eventful Mother’s Day Weekend treating our beautiful moms to brunch and blueberry picking! Ate blueberries for days afterwards!! And made these killer blueberry muffins ?

Been drinking a lot less coffee and more herbal teas. I have a thing for Red Roobios right now.

Finally took my friends to one of my favorite restaurants Hot N Juicy Crawfish! If you like seafood, cajun food and/or spicy food you have to try this place!!

Got a brand new phone because my battery was swelling (apparently that’s a thing). But it wasn’t my fault so it was covered – thanks Apple!

I have been watching church at home snuggling with the pups since Jeff has worked the last few Sunday mornings. I do miss the in person service but it’s nice to have the option! And I always love puppy snuggles ?

Had a super fun and eventful Memorial Day Weekend.

Got some dental work done earlier this week so I’m currently not feeling great, soft food is my best friend right now. Does anyone else totally freak out over going to the dentist!? I can’t stand being that chair!

Looking forward to a beach getaway with my family next weekend in Siesta Key – can’t wait!!

So what’s new with you?




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  • I love blink-182 and still see them every time they tour. It’s not the same without Tom, but I was pleasantly surprised with Matt. I lived in Palm Bay in junior high and went to Melbourne and Cocoa beaches all the time. We’re taking the kids to Universal this fall and plan to go to Kennedy and the beach for at least one day. I can’t wait! Gilmore Girls is always better when you can talk about it with friends. ?

  • oh my gosh, Blink 182!! how exciting. i’d love to see them. i had no idea they were stopping wishes, bummer you didn’t get to see the last one ? thanks for linking up with us, so sorry for my late comment!