What’s New {May ’17}

What’s New? This week has been tough to keep up. I’ve just been feeling like I’m fighting off a cold and exhausted. But I’m accomplishing most of what I set out to each day so I’m hanging in there. April was a good month. I adjusted to my new work schedule, got back into a workout routine and filled the month with fun stuff in between.

April Happenings:

Trips to Epcot and Disney Springs for the Flower and Garden Festival, yummy lunch at The Boathouse, and the Origins Launch Party.

A beautiful morning volunteering at the Walk for Life with some of my amazing Small Group ladies.

A fantastic Easter Weekend with the family.

A much needed Friday night dinner and drinks with my favorites. Wahlburgers has a delicious gluten free burger!

Celebrating a good friends baby boy on the way!

And as usual my pups rule my world. They think the bed is theirs, make the best co-pilots, and Scotch has an unhealthy obsession with my yoga mat!

What else is new: 

Listening to Blink 182 on Spotify in preparation for the concert tonight! Can’t wait!

Watching all my usual shows. Trying to catch up on the new season of Better Call Saul (so much talking – it’s hard to get through more than one episode at a time!) and just started a new show Famous in Love on Freeform that has me hooked. They released the whole season on demand so I’ve been binging that. But I really need to finish all of the shows I’m binging at one before I allow myself to start any new ones! I’m on a self imposed new TV timeout.

Drinking coffee, coffee, coffee! I’m a 2 cup a day person but even that’s starting to not cut it!

Eating better. Trying to limit myself to only sweets as a weekend treat only but not quite there yet. Chik fil A milkshakes and hot fudge sundaes are always calling my name!

Spring Cleaning. I did a huge purge of clothes and random stuff this month. I FILLED up a giant Thred Up bag. Then, they received it and told me it would be processed in June. What the what!? Over 2 months, geez!

That’s everything going on around here lately. What’s new with you?

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