whats new with me

What’s New With Me

Today, I’m linking up with Kristen and Gretchen for What’s New!

I’ve been doing less Weekending posts because they are a little tough to get together on Sunday nights and honestly, not all of my weekends are super exciting. I still love Weekending posts and plan on doing them when something special is going on but I love the idea of this What’s New linkup as a monthly check-in so I plan on making it a regular thing!

Here’s what I was up to last month:

Celebrated my favorite Moms on Mother’s Day!

Jeff has been working a ton and we didn’t have many nights off together so we took advantage of some date nights which mostly consisted of watching movies.

We tried out our local Epic Theatre to watch the new Captain America movie and I will never be able to go to another movie theater again! Each seat was a recliner with personalized electronic controls. So comfortable! And the movie was really good too ?

Celebrated my bestie’s birthday!


Had a not so pleasant dentist visit….

Visited my old stomping grounds and supported my little sister at her Spring band concert. So proud!

Made a big change a started a new job towards the end of May!!

Which meant I had to get my last workouts in at the on-site gym at my old office. Not looking forward to paying for a gym membership…


Me and my mom decided to take on a tough puzzle that took us a few nights to complete. Once we finished, there was a chunk missing! It was a brand new puzzle we picked out and there is no way we lost the pieces, they were missing from the box!!

And finally, we celebrated our 5-year anniversary in Savannah, GA and stayed at a lovely B&B!

What’s new with you??



  • aww happy belated anniversary! so cool you stayed at a b&b. we never celebrate our anniversary (oops) but i think a little trip to a b&b sounds perfect. maybe we’ll celebrate a big one, like the 5th. and i totally know what you mean about weekending posts. i have nothing against them, but for the most part, my weekends are fairly boring, and on sundays the last thing i want to do is glue myself to my computer because i ‘have’ to get a post out. i like reading other people’s weekending posts, but they aren’t for me. congrats on the new job as well! paying for a gym membership definitely sucks lol but it is a necessary evil, right?!

  • Emily Dunham

    What a bummer about the puzzle!!! Savannah seriously looks so neat. It has been added to my list of places to go!

  • Oh my gosh, that movie theater looks amazing! I’m a little afraid I would fall asleep, haha ? Btw, your hair looks amazing in your “first day on the new job” photo!