where is the love

Where is the Love?

I usually try to keep it pretty upbeat on the blog but today s a little different. I started this post on Saturday morning feeling unbelievably sad after hearing the news of Christina Grimmie s shocking death. Little did I know I would wake up the next morning to the sound of helicopters and check my phone to find messages asking if I was okay and seeing the horrific, disgusting news of so many lives senselessly taken in the middle of the night.

I know terrible things happen every day, every minute even and we are constantly faced with violence, disease and tragedy. We live in a broken world and I know that. And I believe that my God has a beautiful Heaven waiting for me free of pain and suffering. That knowledge gets me through tough times and sad news.

“The righteous person may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all” – Psalm 34:19

But sometimes the pain human beings inflict on each other and the hate gets to me. I can t understand any reason to take another life. Orlando is my home, I was born here and I ve never left. As a nation and as a world we ve witnessed so many acts of terrorism and hate but you re never prepared for it to happen so close. The tragic events this weekend occurred less than 2 miles from my front door. I feel numb. I m shocked and it doesn t feel real yet it s all playing out right in front of my face. The roads I take every day are blocked off and people are lining the streets right around the corner. Friends on Facebook are still searching for their loved ones. I m scared and I m sad and I m angry and the combination of it all makes me feel like I m frozen in time.

I just keep thinking WHY?

Why do we feel the need to hurt each other? We all have to struggle and go through pain and sickness. Why make it worse on each other?

Why can t we just show love and compassion and kindness? Every single person out there needs some love. Where is the love?

Why are we continuing to see so much gun violence? Can t we do more to fix this?

I don t know the answers to these but I do know that we can each try to let some good come out of tragedy. We ve already seen the good in each other as we band together as a community. Good always wins. Love ALWAYS conquers hate. Love ALREADY WON.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33

Today, I m praying for the lives lost. I m praying for the survivors who will always have nightmares. I m praying for the families who will never be the same. I m praying for our country and our world that this is not forgotten and we find a way to stop the violence.

This tragedy is a reminder that life is precious and short and the best thing you can do is spread love. Let that fight with your significant other go, even if you re right. Show your most annoying coworker some compassion when they are driving you nuts. Show that rude driver some kindness and just let them in. Help a stranger. Pay it forward. Do anything you can to balance out the hate in the world. Because we only get one chance to leave a little love behind.


  • Molly Middleton

    Love this post. Love what you said. I m so happy that you are safe and okay. I was so upset when I heard about this at Church, I just couldn t imagine. There is so much hate in this world.

  • Emily Dunham

    Your whole last paragraph is just spot on. Life is too short!